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Choosing a Tree Professional

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What is an Arborist?

    An Arborist is a person who works with trees – normally a tree surgeon or someone who carries out practical work, such as planting, pruning, training etc. Sometimes this term can be used to describe all individuals who work with trees grown for amenity purposes. To find out more about [...]
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    What is a Tree Consultant?

      A tree (arboricultural) consultant is someone who has gained recognised qualifications and expertise in the care and management of trees. Their role involves providing technical and professional tree care advice to a range of Clients. Including development design advice, tree risk management, management of tree populations, statutory protection assistance, property [...]
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      Why should I use an ARB Approved Contractor?

        Contractors listed in our directory listing have submitted their businesses and their tree work to the Arboricultural Association for assessment and have been found competent to provide arboricultural contracting services to clients. The Arboricultural Association’s assessment of Approved Contractors is not limited to their knowledge of trees and tree maintenance [...]
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        What are the typical services of an arboricultural contractor?

          Services typically required of an arboricultural contractor are: Tree maintenance operations including pruning, and related works to relevant British Standards (see our Tree Work Terminology page) Tree planting operations and aftercare/establishment programmes Tree felling, including dismantling of dangerous trees or trees in confined spaces Advice and guidance on the above. In addition [...]
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          How do I select the right Tree Surgeon?

            First, refer to the Arboricultural Association’s official guide to choosing your tree surgeon When making an appointment with an ARB Approved Contractor clients should advise the contractor whether advice on trees is required, or if a specification for works already exists against which the contractor’s quotation is sought Clients are [...]
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            A brief guide to legislation for trees

              The following advice applies to England only and is for guidance purposes only. Some trees are protected by legislation, and it is essential that you establish the legal status of trees prior to carrying out works to them. Unauthorised work to protected trees could lead to prosecution, resulting in enforcement [...]
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