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Tree Health

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Pests & Diseases

    Acute Oak Decline – ‌ Oak Acute Oak Decline (AOD) is a disease affecting several thousand native oak trees in Britain. It is considered to have first occurred in Britain 30-35 years ago. It mainly affects pedunculate oak (Quercus robur) and sessile oak (Quercus petrea), however other species of oak [...]
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      The Arboricultural Association works alongside many leading industry bodies to help promote best practice throughout both our membership but further afield too. To that end we have helped produce a Biosecurity Policy to help prevent spread on pests and diseases in our tree stock. Biosecurity is the single most important [...]
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      Building near trees

      Trees and construction

        Construction close to trees Trees are easily damaged by construction works, regardless of their scale. Digging a garden pond may cause damage to trees in the same way as building demolition and construction. It is important to ensure that trees are adequately assessed before ANY work takes place. This is [...]
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        Ash Dieback Guidance

          for Tree Owners, Managers, Contractors and Consultants WHO is this guide intended for? This guide provides practical advice and guidance for anyone who owns or manages ash trees, as well as tree contractors and consultants who may be employed to work on ash trees or provide site specific advice concerning [...]
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          Will hammering a nail into a tree kill or harm the tree?

            Hammering anything into a tree is intrusive and will cause harm; a tree is a living organism and an injury such as this is damaging. The outer bark layer on a tree stem protects against disease and decay, anything that breaches it can allow the entry of harmful organisms. The [...]
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            What’s the fungus growing on my tree? Will it kill the tree or make it unsafe?

              If your tree is showing symptoms of ill health, which may be related to pest or disease, cultural or other reasons, you can send samples to the following organisations for analysis. Or consider engaging the service of an Arboricultural Association Registered Consultant or Approved Contractor. Please note: charges apply for [...]
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